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Sep 23, 2014

Always and Forever

Last night was so fun to be apart of. My best friend Kayla and her sweet boyfriend got ENGAGED! Holy cow it was so beautiful. The families were there, and haley and i were honored to join in. I had to capture the moment so she could remember it forever. Check it out:)

*make sure you get the HD view of that rock*


Thank you Kayla and Brody for letting me share the special night with you. I love you both and can't wait for 12.27.14


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Sep 17, 2014

Homey Home Away From Home

Moving into the dorms, and then into an apartment there was always ONE thing that I wanted. One thing that would help me feel comfortable in such an uncomfortable transition. I just wanted it to feel like HOME.

I think that there are a few things that you can do to make your home away from home begin to feel like home and I want to share my tricks with y'all. Shhhh, don't tell the others. (also, don't mind the lamp with no lamp shade. Thats going to be added tomorrow sometime;)

6 Tricks to make your home away from home homey:

1. Pick bright, happy colors. Now this doesn't mean that you have to make it look like candy land, but picking colors that lift your spirit and help put a smile on your face doesn't hurt. For our apartment we picked gold and black and then threw in some random pinks, purples, blues.... like i said. Random. But it makes our hearts feel happy so i think we accomplished what we wanted.

2. Have some FUN accessories!! This flamingo is our pal. How fun is he? We just think he's the cutest little watch dog ever. Pick something that will make you laugh/smile/start a conversation. Also notice the creepy cherub and weird Australia book. All very random, all very fun.

3. Bring in elements from home!! 3 of the girls in our apartment are from Utah, and I'm from the greatest country in the world, so I glittered up some states and put them in cute frames on the wall!

(another splash of TX!! I got this baby at DI. WHAT A SCORE!!)

 4. GREENS. Im telling you, having real plants in the apartment just gives the room LIFE. We got these little plants at IKEA and they just add so much to our space. We love our greens.

5. LOTS of cozy pillows. Mix patterns and sizes. Make it fun and colorful. I recommend using pillow covers so you can change them for holidays or seasons! Switch it up!

 6. Put some DIY touches. Add some personality and personal connection to the space by making your own accessories. For these cool trophies, i just bought a couple at the thrift store and spray painted them white. Easy. Peasy. But i love them.

Here are some bonus pics of our favorite new space to hang out!!!

 (Add some magazines and books on the table! Plus fresh flowers never hurt nobody)

These curtains you might recognize from my Adormable post! I made these from plain IKEA curtains and just painted them!!

 These lips are probably one of my favorite touches. 

I hope these tips were helpful!!! What I love most about this space is how much we LOVE to be in it. We are always hanging out/doing homework/chatting out on our couches because its such a fun place to be!! Please let me know if you have any questions!!!

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Sep 14, 2014

Fair Food is my Favorite....

This weekend was full of fun times with some of the most amazing people I know! We all got together and headed down to salt lake for the Utah State Fair.

This aint' no Texas State Fair, but it held its own:) It had the perfect ratio of fried foods, crazy drunk people, beautiful neon lights, and couples....ew.

Heres a view at the fun times we had. Sorry in advance for all the pictures, we went a little crazy. Everyone else at the fair thought so too.

I also made a fun little mini video of the night so enjoy some more of our faces, if you want. (watch in HD yo)

We're weird, and we laugh really loud, but I wouldn't have it any other way. These girls are just such a blessing!!

Have a happy sunday!!


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